Kids Rides at the Track Smokies | Pigeon Forge Tennessee
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Kid Rides

Bears Go Round – 4 Points

Minimum Height: 3’0”


Spinning Barrels for Your Little Cubs

The Track’s youngest guests can spin it to win it on the Bears Go Round, a cub-themed take on a traditional carnival favorite. Each rider controls his or her spinning barrel. Those willing to get a little topsy turvy can spin through the whole ride. Those who want to spin a bit but then relax, can stop spinning at any time. Either way, the Bears Go Round are a fun twist on a classic that will have your little cubs spinning right round.

The Bus – 4 Points

Minimum Height: 3’6” to Ride Alone


The Kids on the Bus Go Up, Up, Up

Your kids will love this crazy Bus, a colorful bus that swings up and around back and forth for a fun-filled bus ride to remember.

The Carousel – 4 Points

Height Minimum: 3’6″ to Ride Alone


A Touch of Whimsy Goes Round and Round

Create a Mary Poppins’ moment of your own on this whimsical amusement park classic. Children of all ages can choose their carousel animals then bob along to whimsical music. Younger children may be accompanied by adults.

Jump Around – 4 Points

Minimum Height: 3’0’ to Ride Alone


Baja Buggies Jump for Fun

Your little jumping bean will love bouncing around on the new Jump Around ride featuring a Baja Buggies theme. Six jeep buggies jump around, up and down, for the feel of riding over hills. Each buggy will hold four children, so your littlest riders can hit the hills for family fun.

Kiddie Karts – 4 Points

Minimum Height: 3’0’ to Drive
Maximum Weight: 150 lbs.


Youngest Racers with the Need for Speed

Mom and Dad will have peace of mind as their littlest speed racers put the pedal to the metal on a small circular track. The Kiddie Karts are specifically designed for riders between 3’0” and 4’0” tall providing a fun, safe environment for your young racers.

Little Shot – 4 Points

Minimum Height: 3’0”


This little ride packs a big punch of fun for our youngest guests. Shooting up and down, the Little Shot will have your kiddos laughing as they launch up and free fall down.

Rookie Karts – 5 Points

Minimum Height: 4’0 to Drive
Maximum Weight: 250 lbs.


A Taste of Classic Go-Karting

Why should the adults have all the fun? Young racers can get a taste of classic go-karting on this circular track. Featuring go-karts specifically designed for riders between 4’0” and 4’8” tall, the Rookie Karts give riders a sense of independence on the track but in a smaller, contained environment. Get your camera ready to capture your little drivers zoom zoom their way to a super good time.

The Swings – 4 Points

Minimum Height: 3’0”


Swing and Soar

Sit back and relax on the Swings, a small twirling set of swings designed for laid-back fun for little ones. The swings circle a large pole giving riders a sense of floating through the air.

Twirling Balloons – 4 Points

Minimum Height: 3’6” to Ride Alone


Float Up for Fun

Let your kids take flight in the Twirling Balloons ride featuring eight hot air balloon baskets elevating and twirling for buckets of high-altitude fun.