Kids Rides Destin Florida | The Track Family Fun Park
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Kid Rides

The Carousel

Maximum Height (Child): 4’10”; Adults Ride Free with Child


A Touch of Whimsy Goes Round and Round

Create a Mary Poppins’ moment of your own on this whimsical amusement park classic. Children of all ages can choose their carousel animals and then bob along to whimsical music. Younger children may be accompanied by adults.

Ferris Wheel

Maximum Height: 4’0”



Wheels Up for Fun

This miniature Ferris Wheel offers all of the fun of a traditional wheel, but pint-sized for our littlest thrill-seekers. Six cages circle around giving your child a bird’s eye view of The Track’s Kids Country area.

Jungle Jump Ride

The Jungle Jumper

Minimum Height: 3’6”
Maximum Height: 4’10”


Free-Fall Jumping Fun

This little ride packs a big punch of jungle-themed fun for our youngest guests. Shooting up and down, the Jungle Jumper will have your kiddos laughing as they launch up and free fall down.

Kiddie Karts

Minimum Height: 3’6’ to 4’2” to Drive
Maximum Weight: 150 lbs.


Youngest Racers with the Need for Speed

Mom and Dad will have peace of mind as their littlest speed racers put the pedal to the metal on a small circular track. The Kiddie Karts are specifically designed for riders between 3’6” and 4’2” tall providing a fun, safe environment for your young racers.

The Red Baron Planes

Minimum Height: 3’0”
Maximum Height: 4’10”


Flying High Old-School Style

Let your kiddos take flight on The Red Baron Planes. In the spirit of old-school bi-planes, your young pilots-in-training can fly up and down as they soar in a circle.

Groovy Bus

Minimum Height: 3’0″ to Ride Alone;
Maximum Height (Child): 4’10”


Let’s Get Groovy!

The Track’s youngest guests can get their groove on with this Groovy Bus ride featuring colorful VW-inspired buses cruising around a circular track. Your little ones will be saying “Peace!” as they jump on this groovy new attraction for a relaxing ride.

Rookie Karts Destin FL

Rookie Karts

Minimum Height: 4’2” to Drive
Maximum Weight: 250 lbs.


A Taste of Classic Go-Karting

Why should the adults have all the fun? Young racers can get a taste of classic go-karting on this circular track. Featuring go-karts specifically designed for riders between 4’2” and 4’10” tall, the Rookie Karts give riders a sense of independence on the track but in a smaller, contained environment. Get your camera ready to capture your little drivers zoom zoom their way to a super good time.

Kids Spin Top Rides Destin FL

Spin Tops

Maximum Height: 4’10”


You Spin Me Right Round, Baby, Right Round

The Track’s youngest guests can spin it to win it on the Spin Tops, a traditional carnival favorite designed for young riders. The Spin Tops are a classic that will have your kiddos spinning right round.

Kid Swings at the Track Destin


Maximum Height: 3’6”


Swing and Soar

Sit back and relax on the Swings, a small twirling set of swings designed for laid-back fun for little ones. Six swings circle a large pole giving riders a sense of floating through the air.