Bumper Rides

Blaster Boats – 7 points

Minimum Height: At least 3’6” and under 4’2 to Ride as Passenger; 18 Years Old w/Driver’s License to Drive Passenger
Maximum Weight: 450 lbs.


Boating is a Blast

Bumper cars meet boating on the Blaster Boats. Cool off, battle each other and soak friends and family with the water cannons in each boat. Watch out, water cannons are posted along the perimeter of the pool, too, for the best of all water battles.

Bumper Cars – 7 points

Minimum Height: 4’2” to Drive; 3’6” to Ride as Passenger; 16 Years Old w/Driver’s License to Drive Passenger


Bumper to Bumper, Fun for All Ages

A little bump from a friend or stranger can really get the good times rolling on the Bumper Cars — the bumpier the better! Just like the classic carnival ride, the Bumper Cars feature cars with bumpers for guests to zoom around the arena giving little bumper bumps along the way. A fun-filled game of cat-and-mouse ensues for guests of all ages.