Remember when your teacher said there are no bad questions? Well, your teacher was right. We want to answer any questions you may have about your visit to The Track Family Fun Park in Destin, Florida. Below are some of our frequently asked questions.


Are you open year-round?

We are open daily year-round, except for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. For a full list of hours, visit our online calendar. If weather is questionable, please call ahead to confirm which rides are open. Even on rainy days, Fat Daddy’s Arcade is open for indoor family fun in Destin.


Is there an admission fee? 

No admission fee here! You choose and pay for your activities per ride or attraction. Buy rides in advance and skip the ticket lines.


How much does it cost to ride a go-kart?

Each ride on our elevated go-kart track is $11 if purchased as a single ride. Each ride on our Family Track is $8;  Rookie Karts are $6 and Kiddie Karts are $4 each if purchased as a single ride. We have multiple cost-saving packages in place which reduce the cost of each ride when multiple rides are purchased. So, the larger Point Package you purchase, the less each ride will cost.

Can you split point packages across multiple cards?

Yes, we can split points across up to four cards, so your crew can divide and conquer the fun.


Why do you use a Point Card system?

We have designed our point card system to give you the greatest flexibility during your Track experience. You aren’t locked into specific attractions. By using our point system, you may mix and match your attractions during your visit. Kiddos a little intimidated by the larger, faster tracks? You can use the points on our kiddie and bumper rides. Kiddos feel too grown up for the Kids Country rides? You can use the points for golf, Family Track or Blaster Boats.


How tall does my child have to be to ride as a passenger on the elevated track?

Our elevated, multi-level go-kart track is one of THE best Destin go-kart rides, and your little ones can ride as a passenger at no charge if they are taller than 3’0” and under 4’10”. The minimum height to ride as a passenger is 3’0”. Guests 4’10” and taller may ride as a passenger, but will be charged a full adult price for the ride as they are tall enough to drive a single kart.


Why do you have height restrictions?

The safety of our guests is our absolute top priority. Our height, weight and age restrictions posted throughout the park have been set to create the safest possible experience for our guests. Our team members are asked to measure every guest who is close to the height restriction. It’s our job to create an environment offering the safest conditions, especially for our youngest guests. A safe visit will be the most fun visit for you and your family.


What rides can my toddler enjoy?

Our Kids Country area offers a variety of attractions perfect for toddlers. From the Swings and the Carousel to the Spin Tops and Groovy Bus, we have the perfect ride for your little ones. Toddlers who meet the height requirements may also be eligible to ride as a passenger on attractions such as the Blaster Boats, Bumper Cars, Family Track and even the Wild Woody. Fat Daddy’s Arcade is also loads of fun for kids of all ages.


Is there an age restriction for your thrill rides?

Age restrictions are not in place for our the SkyFlyer, but flyers must be at least 4’2″. For Hurricane 360 (Now Open!), riders must be between at least 4’2” and under 6’4” and at least 10 years old. Please note that restrictions for any ride may change without notice.


What happens if it starts raining during our visit?

Again, safety is alway our top priority. If the weather wets the tracks enough to make them unsafe or to create an unpleasant ride experience, management will close the attractions. If lightning is in the area, outdoor attractions will be closed. Tracks may re-open if weather passes quickly. Fat Daddy’s Arcade will remain open even on rainy days.


Are there any dress code requirements?

For the safety of our guests, shoes are required to ride all of the rides. Any type of shoe is fine, including tennis shoes or flip flops. If you are wearing a swimsuit, then a swim suit cover-up is required for your comfort with the safety belts.


Am I allowed to take photos during the go-kart rides?

As much as we love action shots from our attractions, we do not recommend having your camera or phone out during rides. The Track Family Fun Park is not responsible for any damaged cameras or phones used during a ride.


How do I stay updated on special promotions and news about The Track?

Sign up here to receive information on what’s new and special offers. Also, follow us on social media or check back regularly to our website.


How do I plan a birthday or team celebration party?

We love a good party! Plan your birthday or team celebration party at the Track. We have multiple options for party packages and will work with you to customize your party and create a stress-free process for planning your party.


How do you accommodate guests with special needs?

Guests of all ages with special needs are welcome to visit the park. If you are in a wheel chair and want to ride as a passenger on one of the attractions, please let one of our team members know. We can open the exit gate for easier access to the ride. Please know that the safety of all guests and employees is of utmost importance. If a guest cannot safely drive an attraction, then he or she is welcome to ride as a passenger. If you have sensitivity to crowds or sounds, we recommend coming early in the morning before the park is busy and loud. Please contact us ahead of time to make special arrangements at the opening of the park to meet your needs.


How do I plan a corporate team building or business group outing?

Fun and games can really bring a team together. We always welcome businesses and visiting groups to plan a day of team building fun. Learn more about our Group rates and reservations process.


Do you have a lost and found?

Our lost and found is located in The Track’s management office. We walk through each ride at the end of each shift and turn in any guest items that have been left behind. If you are missing an item, please e-mail destin@funatthetrack.com or call 850.654.4668 to speak with a manager. We keep items in lost and found for 90 days. After 90 days, items will be given away.



Tips and Tricks: Use the Airport Road entrance for the easiest way to get into the park and avoid construction.